lundi 3 octobre 2011


Everybody seems to be sporting lace/patterned tights in their outfits lately. I haven't decided weather I really like it or not.
Anyway, as I searched through my hoisery box yesterday I came across these cotton knit tights that I had totally forgotten. I'm thinking of cutting them a little to make them look less patternd and more Rodarte-ish.
Dunno yet, I'm not really talented with scissors and I usually end up throwing away my attempts at do-it-yourself pieces.

I shouldn't be here anyway, I have to pack for my vacation in Canada as I'm leaving on Friday morning. I had intended to make a post about this on here but I've been so busy with preparations the last couple of days that I totally forgot.
I'm going to visit my best friend there who's currently living with her Dad somewhere in a very remote area surrounded by the beautiful nature of Canada. So I'm flying to Vancouver and from there to another small town where she'll pick me up. We will then travel around in the area. I'm so excited!! The whole trip there is supposed to be spontaneous and so we haven't yet decided on where exactly we're going. But I guess we'll also be in Vanouver or another big city at the end of my stay. I'm also looking forward to shopping over there. But mainly this vacation is going to be very un-glamorous and "back to the nature" like. With trekking shoes and very simple clothes ^o^ I'm really looking forward to it!