vendredi 30 septembre 2011

a wardrobe i wish for...

2009 Spring RTW

Military Trend and the Gold Brass Buttons...
a girl's fantasy dream

Must have 2009 : leather skirts !!!
I have more than 10 skirts at differenct colours and styles.
They've been in the wardrobe for a long long time.
Finally got a chance to show them to the sunlight next fall/winter.

All About Bags!

2009 Spring RTW

The craziest non stopping price increases at Chanel
make me stop buying their bags for a while.
Time to move on to Hermes?
Not yet.
um... Not until I have had enough Chanel ~
However, alway adore Hermes.
Hand stitches...Lol...
Need to work harder and make more $$$ to support this "H" hobby.

From Space

"matte and shine"
line, cut, and glinting surfaces

Shimmer Karen Walker dress, Kookai silver leggings
and my metallic silver Chanels shoes and bag make me look strange enough which
feels like I was from the outerspace.
I got the idea from Balenciaga!

1. Advent

Happy 1. Advent everyone. To celebrate the start of the Advent season I spent the day with my family, lighing the first candle of the Advent Wreath, decorating the house and eating freshly backed christmas cookies.

cardigan - Zara; blouse - H&M Trend; skirt - by Alma H.; tights and shoes - somewhere in Tokyo; bag - Accessorize

excuse the preppy-ness but I was feeling a little festive =P

S for Saturday and Snowboarding

On Saturday I went snowboarding with my friends. It was only my second time on a snowboard (I used to ski) but I think I did pretty well with the good instructions from my boyfriend. But now my entire body is so sore that I can hardly move. I fell so many times on my ass, my arm, my knees...I got bruises everywhere and the worst muscle soreness I've experienced in my life so far...haha. So now I'm going to spend the rest of the evening in bed, watching Gossip Girl.

The weather in the mountains was absolutely perfect <3

Framers ***Marcos Personal & Cu ok


Halloween is not a tradition where I live, it's not very common to have halloween parties or to go trick or treat-ing. The shops have tried to estabilish the holiday here but it didn't really work out. Most of the stores have stopped selling Halloween merchandise and decorations devoted to the day. I'm not too sad about this as I never understood why people should celebrate something that has no tradition in thier country just because some big bosses try to establish it to sell more. I'm glad that customers are intelligent enough not to jump on every "trend" stores impose on us.
Having said that, I will admit that I love costume parties. And Halloween is a perfect excuse to dress up in a costume.
There have not been too many Halloween parties in my city in the past and the only one I've ever attended was a huge flop, my friends and I were almost the only people there.haha. But this year I will give it another go, there's this party in a small club which should be quite good.

I want to dress up as a maid. I have bought a Japanese Maid costume in Tokyo last year, which is extremly adorable..<3
I'm still debating on whether I should make it a killer maid (it's Halloween after all) with some "scary" make up and a fake knife or just stick to being a cute maid.
What do you think?

Are you dressing up for Halloween?

jeudi 29 septembre 2011

leather pants

Mary-Kate and Ashley at a book signing for their book 'Influence'

^ This picture made me crave for a pair of leather pants. It looks so lovely paired with that blouse...gah, I'm in love!

I can't wait to get my copy of the book, from what I've seen and read it's great.

I fell in love with a pair of heels.

I saw these at Zara today:

Wonderful Burberry Prorsum knock-offs...but not as clean and polished as the originals - these got a more rugged look which I love even more.

I didn't get them though, they were a bit pricey and way too high for me. I don't like spending a lot of money on shoes I'm only gonna wear on occasion.

I just discovered this lovely swedish brand:

I love girly dresses and these look absolutely perfect! But they're a bit expensive and I don't know weather I'd really get a lot of wear out of them. Nonetheless, the website it really worth looking at.

mercredi 28 septembre 2011

Modern Structure

Limi Feu 2009 Spring RTW
layer skirts, military short jackets, lose pants,
oversize proportions, asymmetry,
& masculine/feminine interplay

Yohji Yamamoto

Jackets with uneven lapels and tails,
or misbuttoned to create a ruffle undulation on one side,
were worn above narrow pants or long, full skirts.


Gracias Seachell por este Award
visita su blog
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1.- A Dios
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7.- Musica
Yo otorgo los siguientes premios a:
I just ordered this lovely silk dress on ASOS - it's perfect for new year's eve! I love the back and the bead and sequin detail.

Glamour Girls

Elie Saab
2009 Spring RTW
colours, ruffles, fringe, construction,

One of the sweetest dress from Camilla & Marc,
with my Lanvin silver sandals and the Chanel metallic silver reissue.
So gorgeous!
Speechless in real life.
Looking at the outfit itself make me feel like I'm in LOVE...

Feminine Chic!

chiffon dresses, butterfly print, sequins, & metallic paillettes
Collette Dinnigan
2009 Spring RTW
contemporary collection

Effortless Style!

Simply Black & White
Ann Demeulemeester
2009 Spring Ready to Wear

Bruno Pieters
Shinning Black & White
trim cropped jackets worn with slim above-the-knee skirts
narrow, tiny and sexy

Anne Valérie Hash
a feminine way with draping
wrapping the body in the style of ancient Greece

Wearing Couture

signature frock coats,
wood-print tailoring,
flowers and birds in lace underlayers,
lace ankle wrappings,
crystal-encrusted dresses and bodysuits
& cocoon dresses

Alexander Mcqueen
2009 Spring Ready to Wear

Breathtaking Details
Shoes Shoes & more Shoes!