samedi 1 octobre 2011

Get Ready for Parties

Victor Victoria Silk Dress HK$13,000

Manish Arora black & white mini dress HK$10,900
Hermes Kelly Danse HK$25,400

One piece dress is my signiture style as this is the easiest way to dress.
I hardly wear pants. I like the ladylike look.
Add on a pair of gorgeous shoes and a pretty handbag will never go wrong.
Accessories wise will stand out from others.

on me...
Left: Decjuba Grey Silk Dress
Chanel Distressed Calfskin Leather Flap in Pink
Chanel Satin Tulle Sandals
Silver Chain Necklaces

Right: Chanel Knitted Dress
Chanel Patent Leather Flap in Gold
Chanel Peeptoe Pumps
Chanel Jewelled Belt
Chanel Jewelled necklace
Chanel Pearl Necklace