mardi 18 octobre 2011

A Romantic Day

543 High St
(03) 9521 5212
em... nothing better than sit down,
wonder around and do nothing but to waste time.
Yes, Waste time!
God, I feel so blessed I can finally did that last Saturday with darling
at Spoonful ~ a wonderful place to relax.

It's nearly impossible for a couple who work full time,
five days a week, sometimes six days, to have free time out for a date.
Sometimes I feel we all work like robots on a daily routine,
repeating what we did everyday.
We breath, we eat, we work, we sleep.
But we don’t feel.

The endless housework makes me tire.
I need sleep and more sleep to recover myself to work again.
Maybe I’m just being lazy.
Lazy to go out or do things exciting.
I’d rather stay in my shell and day dream.
Maybe this is called a “normal life”.

I need to change.
Therefore, with no more work on Saturday,
I’m planning "a romantic day" once a week with Darling.
Go out to enjoy the city: Melbourne.
I need to feel, to see and to think again ~
Yes, use my brain and my heart!

In The Bag
521 High St
(03) 9525 0120

In The Bag is one of my fave gift shops.
Toys, jewlleries, homeware, clothing, books...
So many things to see and so many things to buy.
I bought a handmade MUSHROOM brooch.
I'm happy.

San Choi Chinese Cuisine
298 High St

on me...
Satch Print Dress
Morrissey Shimmer Black Shinning Blazer
Chanel Perforated Ankle Boots
Monet Pearl Necklace
Chanel Star Patent Flap
Oroton Kitty Sunglasses

about the dress: it's a love at the first sight.
First time I stepped into Satch store,
when saw this dress, I fell in love with it.
It has the pretties print.
It's so me and I must have it.