dimanche 9 octobre 2011

Sport & Fashion

photo credit: nationalgeographic.com
Fireworks light up the sky over the Beijing National Stadium; also known as the Bird's Nest during the 2008 Summer Olympics opening ceremony.

Last night's 2008 Beijing Olympic opening ceremony was spectacular.
As good as my Spicy Hot Pot dinner.
I'm addicted to hot & spicy food right now.
watch TV + eat + laugh = perfect lazy life

I'm a lazybone, a couch potato and I rarely do any exercise.
The most exciting sport for me probably is shopping long hours in high heels.
I can spend a whole day browing from shop to shop without feeling tire, hungry or thirsty.
Exercises I do are picking up dog poos and changing cat litters.
However, I love to watch other people doing sports;
such as swimming, surfing, gymnastics, diving and F1.
Good luck Aussie and Chinese.
Fair game everyone, and no politics thanks!

photo credit: Olympic Official Web
This traditional Chinese costume from the Tang Dynasty is so amazing.
Admire Chinese textiles, especially their minority clothing;
embroideries & tapestries, silk, dyed fabrics & fabulous colours.
I'm curious to find more info on the Chinese ethnic costumes.
Will do that when I have time.

photo credit: peopledaily & marlamallett.com

In The Mood For LOVE 花樣年華

Beautiful Chinese dresses shown in this amazing movie
Love Meggie Cheung, love her face, her body & her dresses.

here's two of my Chinese dresses I have.

Grazia Magazine

photo credit: Garzia Magaizne
It's the FASHION Olympics
New Season Looks in Beijing