dimanche 30 octobre 2011

Paris Fashion Week: Gareth Pugh, Balmain, Nina Ricci

Gareth Pugh kicked off Paris Fashion Week with a bang. No other designer would've been as capable of demonstrating the change from commerical Milan to visionary and innovative Paris as Gareth with this wonderful collection. All the clothes look like pieces of art and I'm already looking forward to seeing them in editorials.

Almost every fashion blogger has already raved about this collection so I'm not going to write much (and let the clothes speak for themselves). Only that I find all the looks incredibly hot and I'm madly truly deeply in love with those shoes. that's all. over and out. =P

Another fashion blogger favorite.
I fell in love with these light victorian inspired dresses immediately. What makes them even prettier to me is the contrast with the mesh tights and black shoes. It makes the dresses appear even more fragile and stand out.