vendredi 18 novembre 2011

Resort 2009 Collections

It's resort time! I'm not such a big fan of resort collections but they're fun to look at nonetheless.


My absolute favorite resort collection 2009 comes from Balenciaga, somehow Balenciaga is never a disappointment.
It looks like Nicolas Ghesquière was continuing some of the shapes from fall. Of course this isn't as strong and powerful as the fall collection but I think in return it is much more wearable. As always, Nicolas' tailoring blows my mind with its sharpness.

^ My favorite look from the collection. So exquisitely chic - looks a bit like a futuristic rock'n'roll ballerina!

3.1 Phillip Lim

Very pretty though not very unique but I don't expect that from a resort collection anyway. Yet I really like it, I can definitely see myself wearing almost everything in the collection. I think the best thing about this is the styling, it's what really caught my eye. I also like the use of colour.

Jenni Kayne

I always adore Jenni Kayne's designs for their simplicity and wearability without being boring. This resort collection is no exception, I really like the styling and the clean cuts. It all looks really classic and timeless but with a modern twist to it if that makes any sense.


Lovely mixes of pattern and texture. I'm always amazed by how rock'n roll Burberry looks yet still manages to be very feminine and sometimes even a bit romantic. This is another nice resort collection but I have to admit that I'm starting to get a bit tired of the omnipresent belted waist at Burberry. I love that look but they always do that, almost every look in every collection it seems.


A couple of very interesting looks but the collection also features some not so special - in my opinion rather boring - dresses.

Jonathan Saunders

Definitely one of my favorite resort collections this season. Very strong and detailed looks. The colors, the contrast, the patters and the shapes...I love it all.


Prada's resort collection juse screams old luxury. And I like that a lot. It's all very chic and some of it gives off this nice artsy vibe. Love!

Vera Wang

A lot of the collection just seemes extremly unflattering and ill-fitted but I liked some looks.

Zac Posen

All in all a nice collection but I couldn't really make out a seemed more like a random assortment of clothes than a proper collection O.o . There were a couple of very nice pieces(especially dresses) but all in all it was a bit too costumey