vendredi 25 novembre 2011

Birthday Boy & the Giant Bear

Here's a photo of the Birthday Boy
I took it a few week's ago
He was having a bear hug with the Giant.
Below is the BJD I bought and named after him.
D.I.M Doll-R-Asiam (Ltd 20 Worldwide)
Do they look alike?

Ball Joint Dolls I wish to have from Blue Fairy.
They are so cute!

shoe of the day... Love my velvet dress,
it's new but has this amazing vintage look.

Here's two similar ones on net-a-porter.

On the special day,
we went to the So you think you can DANCE Live Tour 2008 Show in Rod Laver Arena,
Melbourne Finally I can see Jack's performance on stage LIVE.
I am so happy for him and the moment he won I jumped up and down in front of the TV,
I voted for him.
He's such a talent dancer, great performer and awesome entertianer.
So as the other final 10 dancers.
But Jack is the best.
He's a STAR.
He's so sexy when dancing and so cute when smiling.