dimanche 27 novembre 2011

Seriously Banned

I'm on a shopping ban and can't go anywhere close to Myer or David Jones's designer wear section. This is extremely hard as sales are everywhere right now. I broke it by going to Yeojin Bae's one day sale and also bought a few items from chain stores the past few weeks.

This NO MORE SHOPPING is such a pain but it motivated me to treasure hunt my own wardrobe as a lot of things are still brand new with tags on. My shopping excitement doesn't last long. I bought them and forgot about them. Then they hide in the dark forever. Blogging and wardrobe remixing is a great idea as taking photos and uploading them online showcase what I have. I just started to style my outfits after what I did to most of my shoes on Flickr. Now, when I need a pair of shoes to complete an outfit I login and choose one instead of looking for shoe boxes everywhere or climbing up and down to try them on. It's so organised. Easy, fast and convenience.

Chanel shoes in boxes
Not very organise due to not enough space...
need a better storage solution!!!

Talking about shoes, darling always says I’m living in a shoe heaven. I can wear a different pair each day for a whole year round. Few shelves are not enough space for my shoes, as I have a whole room to display and storage them. However, nothing compare to the celebrities. It would be a dream to have Mariah Carey’s shoe closet.

photo credit: instyle.com