mardi 22 novembre 2011

fall, sun and a lack of inpiration

Somehow the fashion blogger world has gone fall-crazy. I have no idea why everyone's sick of summer already but maybe they've had a better summer than I've had so far. I'm really not in the mood to think of fall fashion right now.
Thick sweaters constant rain, grey all doesn't seem very appealing to me when all I want it so have some sun, throw on a light dress and a pair of heeled sandals and head outside. The last few days have been a bit cold and grey but it's getting better already, this weekend it should even get 30°C again.

Maybe my disinterest for fall fashion is also due to the general lack of inspiration that I'm experiencing. It always takes me so long to get dressed and I end up wearing the most boring piece in my closet. Usually I'm really motivated to get dressed whenever I'm going someplace other than to work. It means that I get to dress however I want and don't have to worry about looking appropriate and chic.
Yesterday as I was deciding on what to wear to a concert tonight I even thought that I don't have anything to wear - regardless of my closet overflowing with clothes. I have a lot of things that I've never even worn yet and still I was frustrated. This makes me feel like a spoiled brat..gah. Hopefully inspiration will come back to me soon. ^o^ Until then I guess I'm just gonna have to keep on living in my grey AA sweater and my acid washed jeans -_-