mardi 13 septembre 2011

robbers & cowards

Sorry for the crappy picture. I just wanted to "show" you guys my buys of today. I got a black Zara dress that I've tried on before but somehow didn't buy then. And I finally found a perfect Alexander Wang-esque black cap:

I can't decide if I like it on me or if I look like a robber with it >.< But it was cheap and it's sooo soft <3. I think it will be the perfect finishing touch for many outfits.

I stopped by H&M today and had a quick look at the CDG stuff. It was nice but the things that were left by the time I got there (after work) didn't really interest me. I would've liked to see the pants and the constructed jackets, also the white blouses looked nice in the campaign pictures but none of that was left. Ah well.. =)

I didn't stay long at H&M...couldn't take all the hysterical ladies buying heaps of polka dotted shirts and cardigans ...I coudln't help thinking that most of them were only buing the stuff because it's from a designer. I don't think many have heard of Comme de Garçons before... It's just kinda sad that people buy the things for the name and not because they appreciate the design. In a way it also amused me...I mean how many people would be buying it if were just 'H&M' not 'H&M Comme de Garçons'? Sorry for the rant :/

Did you guys check out the H&M Comme de Garçons collection? What did you think? Did you buy anything?