mardi 6 septembre 2011

Paris Fashion Week: Alexander McQueen, Kenzo, Chloé

Not a mind blowing collection but definitely a more wearable one from McQueen. I did like all the crazy prints and the robotic shapes. I also thought the hourglass dresses were absolutely gorgeous.

The layering, the prints - everything is so light and beautiful! All the clothes have incredible detailing and such a timless romanticism about them. What I'm always impressed with at Kenzo is the lightness in which textures, prints and embellishments are mixed.

I'm trying hard not to be too critical as this is Hannah McGibbons first collection as Chloé's designer but I really can look past some things: Everything looks so heavy and big. I somehow assoicate the typical Chloé girl look with light and flowy fabrics. Also those dinosaur tops are hideous. And what's wrong with those "diaper shorts"? Overall, I'm very disappointed but I will also say that I do like some pieces in this collection such as those criss-cross tops and this amazing jumpsuit.