vendredi 30 septembre 2011


Halloween is not a tradition where I live, it's not very common to have halloween parties or to go trick or treat-ing. The shops have tried to estabilish the holiday here but it didn't really work out. Most of the stores have stopped selling Halloween merchandise and decorations devoted to the day. I'm not too sad about this as I never understood why people should celebrate something that has no tradition in thier country just because some big bosses try to establish it to sell more. I'm glad that customers are intelligent enough not to jump on every "trend" stores impose on us.
Having said that, I will admit that I love costume parties. And Halloween is a perfect excuse to dress up in a costume.
There have not been too many Halloween parties in my city in the past and the only one I've ever attended was a huge flop, my friends and I were almost the only people there.haha. But this year I will give it another go, there's this party in a small club which should be quite good.

I want to dress up as a maid. I have bought a Japanese Maid costume in Tokyo last year, which is extremly adorable..<3
I'm still debating on whether I should make it a killer maid (it's Halloween after all) with some "scary" make up and a fake knife or just stick to being a cute maid.
What do you think?

Are you dressing up for Halloween?