dimanche 14 août 2011

Having Fun with Dressing Up

2009 Spring Summer RTW

Bows, Ruffles & Roses
Tiers & Hearts
My Fave
Black-and-white dress in an oversize harlequin print topped off
with an enormous bow at the neck

Moschino Cheap & Chic

Spring collection was like a shot of vitamin D,
all sunshine and light—from the prints (photo-realistic roses and bunnies)
to the colors (wisteria, mandarin orange, strawberry)
to the silhouettes (jumpsuits, balloon dresses).


retro navy-striped maillot with a red anchor on the chest,
the parade of dresses in pleated gold lamé
and chiffon printed with nautical flags and sailor knots.
tailored blazers, high-waisted sailor pants,
"gold-plated reptile" trenchcoat,
and thick, metallic-shot hand-woven knits,
& a crewneck sweater worn with balloon shorts.
Fishnets, flag-printed wedge sandals, patent bags,
and knit swim caps numbered among the other accessories.

The most wearable collection.
Dark denim flares worn with crisp,
checked oxford shirts and little leather bombers
with a silk scarf tied around the neck;
a long, lean three-piece suit in Bianca Jagger white;

Just Cavalli

Party Girls
platform shoes, face prints,
candy-colored silks & leather