lundi 15 août 2011



This season's trends:
ransparency, pale color, and bouncy crinolined skirts.

Broderie anglaise, tablecloth lace, and laser cutouts.
Bell-shaped dresses—with accompanying three levels
of sheer fabric in the skirt—look molded in a graphic way,
rather than ingenue-cute or dubiously sleazy.

The "kangaroo pouch"—vaguely similar to the Hermès Birkin,
but with one side draped open.

A romantic dress with giant belt and transparent wedge shoes.

These Chanel shoes suppose to have ankle straps.
Unfortunetely one was broken on the second time I wore.
Now, I cut off the other one and wear them as mules.
USD$795 + shipping / 2 = more than $400 per wear
That's a very expensive shoe!
Can't blame Chanel.
I knew it would broke easily, as the base is too heavy.
Not too bad to wear them as mules
and no one will ever notice it if worn with pants.