mardi 15 novembre 2011

Sweet Chanel

my local Chanel boutique has sent me this month's Vogue magazine which featured Chanel on the cover.

The Ads

Tweed Jacket

A few pieces of Chanel Tweed Jackets from my own collection




I have never worn any of them out yet.
All of them still have their tags on
Love them all but I look baggy in them and look really FAT on the upper body.
Maybe in another 10 years time with a bit of aging I can put them off better.
Luckily Chanel Jacket will never go out of style.
They're not money wise investments if I'm not going to wear them.
However, I just afraid that if I missed them,
I'll never be able to get them again.
The first one is a classic style.
The second one has mink trim on the edge and look fabulous.
The third one is young and girlish.
The last one, well, what I have to say: Unique.
But sadly I have no where to wear it.

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