vendredi 25 novembre 2011

Fairy Floral

I don't know if I ever really mentioned this on here but last summer I travelled around Japan for one month, fulfilling one of my life long dreams. I've always been fascinated by the Japanese culture and I'v dreamt of going to Japan for a very long time. So last summer my best friend and I had saved up enough money to finally go there and had the best summer of our lifes!

Japan is full of amazing things, every little packing in the supermarket has a little character on it and everything is so...kitschy, but in an good way. It even got us so far that in the first week we wanted to buy eveything that consisted out of heaps of pink ruffles and glitter - and I'm usually not a big fan of glitter in any way. But trust me, constantly being surrounded by such things and girls dressed in the cuttest clothes ever does that to you. Sad thing is, that the clothes will never looks as cute and sweet on a European person as they look on the tiny Japanese girls.

Why I wanted to post all this is because yesterday I remembered one thing from Japan. They have these amazing Refreshing Powder Sheets which are moist and refreshing and come in the heavenly scents of Strawberry, Raspberry, Fairy Flower and lots of others that we couldn't figure out because the things were written in Japanese only. We always wondered during our time there why the Japanese women always looked to matte and fresh even though it was over 35°C and very humid when we felt like our faces were melting in the heat. Well for one thing they all carry a small towel to wipe off the sweat and then there's the powder sheets. We weren't sure what exactly we were buying as we first got outselfs a pack but were pleasantly surprised when we discovered these nice smelling sheets which not only refresh you but also leave your skin feeling clean, fresh and most important of all - matte and powdered. I've never seen such sheets in Europe but I guess it really is a Japanese(Asian) thing. Luckily, I bought a small stock before leaving and as it got 30°C yesterday I pulled a pack out and was amazed by the greatness of the Power sheets once again ^o^ I'm currently using Raspberry smelling ones <3.

only English website I could find on them

PS: Just read on that website that the sheets are actually for the body. Oh well, then maybe we used them wrong or maybe the sheets they're talking about on that website a different from the ones I have. ^o^