vendredi 18 novembre 2011

Beauty Trend: The Eyes

Designers Viktor & Rolf have collaborated with Shu Uemura's International Artistic Director Kakuyasu Uchiide to create three outrageously beautiful, limited edition sets of false lashes for Shu Uemura's Tokyo Lash Bar 2008. Your eyes take on a fairytale elegance with these expressive dramatic flase lashes.

Inspired by Marcel Marceau (the inventor of pantomime), the haute couture eyelashes transforms everyday makeup into spectacular fashion accessories. It comes in three styles: Wing, Rhombus and Swirl, are elegant and graphic, reflecting the motifs of Victor & Rolf spring/summer 2008 collection.

They are available online at Colette from around USD$150 or at Shu Uemura boutiques.

I have never tried false lashes until last week.
I don't think I need them and they look fake and heavy.
I prefer natural makeup for a simple reason: lazyness.
However, there's no harm to try something new, especially it becomes a trend.
Maybe just for photo taking.
Mine wasn't a successful experience and I definitely need more practices.
There's no where I can get Shu Uemura in Australia.
Therefore I bought two styles from MAC.

AUD$18 for a pair, and you need to buy a tube of glue to apply the lash on.

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Decide what look you're seeking. A full set of false eyelashes adds high drama to your evening appearance or returns the eyelashes that may have disappeared due to illness. Little clumps of fake lashes on the outside corners of your eyes create a subtle, sophisticated glamour.

Choose a color that complements the occasion. For evening, stick to black (or dark brown if you have pale lashes), which adds drama without requiring mascara. In the daytime, go dark brown (light brown or blond if you have pale lashes) for a natural look.

Check their length. Full lashes should follow the natural line of your own lashes. Trim them with sharp scissors to accommodate your needs.

Begin with clean eyes, free of makeup or debris.

Hold the lashes in your hand and apply a very thin line of glue or adhesive along the base; let it sit for 1 minute. Begin with a minimal amount of glue, adding more if needed.

Look into a mirror, either on the wall or placed on a countertop. Apply the false lashes above your eyelashes, as close to your lash line as possible, following its natural curve.

Adjust the lashes with your fingertips, tweezers or a toothpick.

If you're using lash clumps, place them at the outside corners of your upper lashes (one or two per eye should suffice). Adjust their position with a toothpick, fingers or tweezers.

Apply eye makeup. You may find your new lashes dramatic enough without mascara, so take a good look in the mirror first.

Practice a few times before your debut. This is a challenging beauty trick to master, but a dress rehearsal should make for a smash opening.